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Top 10 movies 2015 (my list)

The Martian - Andy Weir A Slight Trick of the Mind - Mitch Cullin Alan Turing: The Enigma - Andrew Hodges, Douglas R. Hofstadter

Well, two of the movies were released later than the US release. But this is my list. 


No.10: Minions (2015)

Minions Poster 


Why? It is silly, harmless fun. The story is meant for children. So it is okay that it doesn't make that much sense. But the minions have some hidden gems, like the way they explain why minions choose to follow the meanest animals for their survivals. it is an evolution trend. Also, how much they don't care about power but care so much for their own kind. 


No 9: '71 (2014) 


'71 Poster


This is unexpectedly good. A guy who got trapped in a city with people out to hunt him. Someone said it is a fantasy movie. But it feels real and the part that got exaggerated led us to think about conflict and its resolution. 



No 8: Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man Poster


Another feel good movie about a thief that turns into a hero. There are so many plot holes that you really need to get your mind off logic in order to enjoy this one. But the overall story is good and it is not so much cliche in it. 


No 7: Jurassic World (2015)


Jurassic World Poster


Sucker for movie with big effect. This one also contains lot of plot holes. But the overall is just a lot of chase and effects that overwhelmed the senses. Good entertainment. The plot hole include why build door that a dinosaur could get through. And the silly stuff genetically a hybrid with dinosaur gene when a smaller one would just be attractive and manageable. And don't let me get started with woman in heels that walked so far without breaking them. Not even possible. 



No.6: Inside Out (2015)

Inside Out Poster


The movie got a lot of things wrong. But it is a good attempt to explain moods and how it is interactive with memory. The target audience is children and it is simple enough for kids and entertaining enough for adults. 



No 5: Mr. Holmes (2015)

Mr. Holmes Poster


This is a wonderful movie on a retired Holmes. The acting is superb. Holmes tried to remember a case that he worked on and forgotten. It is an investigation and bring out the old Holmes and his recent relations with persons around him. 



No 4: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


Avengers: Age of Ultron Poster


A lot of actions with a silly premise. That the Avengers have no more enemy that they have to make their own. Action packed and visually pleasing. So yes. I would very likely watched it again and again because I already got the DVD. 



No 3: The Martian (2015)


The Martian Poster

A movie about science and survival in a hostile environment. No villain in this one. Only the element is against him. A lot of impossible things that is not science. Like the sand storm because Mars does not have that much atmosphere. But if you could let that passed you without an argument in mind, the rest of the movie is very good and enjoyable. Well, at least they didn't make any sound in space.  


No 2 : The Imitation Game (2014) 

The Imitation Game Poster


I watched the movie and read the book. It is wonderful how Alan Turing mind worked, and how great a person he was for doing what he did. People didn't know this great man because he was gay. That's so unfair. Read the book it based on also and got back a lot of details. Wonderful movie. 


No 1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster


We waited for so long for a Star Wars movie that didn't suck. And this one didn't suck. The story is just a replay on Episode 4, the first Star Wars movie, but that's okay. There is enough actions to let us forget that they are doing that. 




Other notable movies that I would like to see but missed. 



The Danish Girl (2015) 


Not released yet for the city I'm in. 


Suffragette (2015)

Everyone like it. But really a painful part of history that I need a good mood to go into. 


Spectre (2015)


Everyone told me not to. 


The Little Prince (2015)


This is best to see it with friend.