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Dresden is an awesome character

Turn Coat - Jim Butcher

Really good story with magic and chase. 


First one third of the story. 


First, it got a story of a fugitive escaping from wizard authority. 


So a hard core cop in distress and Dresden trying to keep him alive.


The funny bits is good too.


The Pizza Lord. Little wee men swearing into loyalty to Dresden because he bought them pizza.


I like to be a fairy and have someone buy me a pizza. 


And there is good enough investigation going on when they were looking for the killer. 


Now the rest. 


There is a monster. And the monster is a monster with magic and force and cruelty without any sign for internal struggle. 


A real bad guy. But why? There isn't much of a back story to it.


And this monster got Dresden's brother Thomas. 


So there is a showdown.


And it was good.


After the showdown, and there is what comes afterward.


Make me want to read the next one. Wouldn't give you insight or much deep learning, but it was a fun read and sometimes, that's what needed. 


5 stars.