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This video explained the detail of the "forced" disappearance of Book seller Lee Bo. 


From reading the ML China media (aka China government propaganda), Lee Bo was "called" to help investigation in China. The problem is, he didn't go willingly, and he didn't go through custom. So Hong Kong custom didn't know he has gone out of Hong Kong. 


This mean that they have used other illegal means to kidnapped Lee and transported him into ML China.


And who did that? ML China police. 


That also mean ML China police (aka ML China thugs in uniforms) think they could come to Hong Kong and kidnapped anyone they wanted.


I know, it show that that ML China police is not professional and lack proper procedure. Lot of Hong Kongers knew that already. 


The China justice system is a mess because those who are trusted to execute the law do not follow the law themselves.


Hong Kong police are following that trend now, because they had been caught on camera beaten up Ken Tsang, a protester last year. 


The Hong Kong police are working toward to improve their image lately. It is still a wait and see.


But there was none of that for ML China police. 


Another rumor said that some of the ML China official already understood that ML China police had made a big mistake. And tried to calm things down by showing a proof of life video of Lee Bo to his wife. 


Gee.... talked about stupidity. And lack of common sense.


This only proved that the ML China government is holding him captive without charge, at an unknown location.