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Houellebecq tell a story that most leftists fear most would happen in France

Submission - Michel Houellebecq

Yes. The election.


Let overlook the fact that the main character is a juvenile sexist jerk who see woman as function instead of an intellectual equal to have conversation with.


Yes. Man like sex and a good meal cooked by someone else.


Both of them could be bought from professionals. 


Woman or man as partner is for companionship and be there when you at your lowest mood. The one that no one else would stand even if you pay them. That's love.


After getting that out of the way.


The Muslims are going to rule France because the left didn't get enough vote and the right who are conservative, homophobic, xenophobic is going to win.


The compromise would be letting the Muslim in control of the education. Big mistake. Education is the key to the future.


All teachers need to converse to Islam.


Probably is, this is not new. Catholics run schools have been doing that in years. If that's the warning for the future, get rid of these stupid religious rules in education and make sure it stay secular.


I'm disgusted by the Catholic Church that continue its system to allow Catholic priests raping children and escape justice. 


How he adjust to this new religious rule.


That's a good story.


Universities closed and only Muslim men could teach in universities after a Muslim was elected as PM. 


This is a satirical story.


Could an academic be corrupted by money and multiple teenage girls be rearranged as wives. 


That's the attraction of Islam. That's girls and women were kept as goods, with no independent minds or individual freedom. 


The ending is haunting for me. The story did seems to give a part in how a Muslim would persuade an intellectual men to join Islam. Given them wealth and arranged them teenager girls to be arranged as wives. 


Women and girls are kept as children. Less than cattle. This is disturbing. But isn't that a version of the truth of Islam? That's women and girls are kept in cloth bags to be packaged as gifts to much older men? 


Sad but truth. 


It gets me angry that the women and girls do not fight back in the stories. And the even sadder thing is the women are actively participating in packing teenage girls as wives for older men. 


Isn't that the case in the Islam world. Many religious women are so fucked up, they do not treat girls as humans but products. For men, these women have less value that a good bottle of whiskey. And women and girls in Islam who participate, subject themselves to this treatment. Or else they would have rebelled at every opportunity.

Sad and fucked up religion created sad and fucked up situation.


Now I know why this book is so controversial. It highlighted the truth of Islam as a religion and its impact on Europe if the Europeans play nice with those religious Islamist. 


Take this book as a warning.


5 stars.