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Reading literary fiction improves empathy, study finds



That make sense.


It is hard to imagine what the other person is coming from, if it is not from practicing reading minds that is so obvious as to spell out clearly in novel.


Especially good novels that have built in link between thoughts and action. 


Now, if only I could get other to read books that think like me, and I read books that explain what other people are thinking.


It is not as obvious.


In books, most people are nicer, more patience and more loyal than the one in real life.


In real life, people give up on you far sooner than they get to know you. just because you do not fall into their expectation of degree of niceness, or richness, or find them as amusing as they think of themselves.


Oh crap. That's most if not all of the people I know.


Need to think of something else.