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Congratulation to 河國榮 Geogory Rivers who got the most popular Hong Kong male singer award this year. 


He came to Hong Kong 30 years ago and stay to become an actor, a performer and a singer. 


What special about him is that he has proved that he is one of us. It is tearful when the biggest award goes to him. 


The city is kind of identify by language use, which is Cantonese, with frequent use of English.


This is the first time I saw him sing live. He is actually an actor and perform in local plays. All of them in Cantonese. 


I like the fact that an Australian born Hong Konger could become the most popular Hong Kong male singer. 


This make me happy. Knowing finally Hong Konger is not about race or skin color. It is about a shared culture, a shared language, a share identity. 


Update: Local English newspaper has this article "All rapped up: Australia-born Canto-pop star Gregory Rivers lifts two Hong Kong music awards"  http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1900432/all-rapped-australia-born-canto-pop-star-gregory-rivers-lifts-two 


Another update: Finally Australia media picked up this news.