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Life in a virtual reality world

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

This is a good book if you are already familiar with the geek world and know at least a bit of what's important in this world.


The first part is already great and I keep asking myself why this stays in my to-read pile for so long.


The reality bits about no Santa, no god, no heaven, no hell and evolution is true back by scientific evidences is a good two pages that I wanted to capture screen and post it. But I'm reading a paperback.


The next bits with the virtual world of school is the kind I dreamed up for the real world. Virtual reality that you could mute anyone you don't want to talk to, or have been bullying you. Physical hurt is not possible, and forbidden in the virtual school.


The name dropping of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly is a cool addition to make it a more welcoming, familiar world that I live in.


I lived in virtual world to escape from bullies, it is called books. But sci-fi books and TV series work as well. I lost myself in Stargate universe when I don't want to deal with people that are toxic but close to me.


Only 70 pages in and I like it already. 


Starts with 5 stars and hope this would not disappoint. 


(Again, this is a continuous review. I would post updates later.)  


200 pages in.


Image result for reading losing sleep night


I'm not sleeping because they are now competing for the second key.


Wade is not working toward his goal and falling behind.


The glue is hard. And there isn't a lot of hints.


And he got a tip from his friend.




I like this book a lot. It is so readable and addictive. 




This keep me up.


The bad guys are coming and he need to get this thing before the bad guy.


5 stars.


This is an atheist friendly, gay friendly, lesbian friendly book. Highly recommended.