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Criminal Minds Season 11 Ep 11 Entropy (with script link)

A Reid-centric episode.


I have been missing Reid for the the last few episodes. This one is making up for it.

What so good about it.


Good story. A bit like theater style because everything happened in a restaurant.

OK. There are some takes in the basement of the restaurant,but the overall feel is still shots of characters at a restaurant in different camera angles.


The story is the continue of finding the assassins who tried to take out Penelope.


What I like is the way it played out. Reid trying to figure out what is the vulnerability of the killer and used that against the person.


That part is difficult and clever.




Killer: "What was your favorite book that you read last year?" 

Reid: "Um, honestly, I've never read a book I didn't love." 


That's Reid. 


The plot is having Reid goes head-to-head with a killer. Unarmed. Using his mind alone to win this mind-game.


It is kind of satisfying. Like reading a good short story. 


Do readers watched movies and TV differently? I think I do. If the story is good, I would like it more. And I don't need a lot to trigger the reader's natural tendency to evaluate the story.


The acting is almost secondary. If it is good, it is good. If it is bad, it is distracting.


Script: http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=criminal-minds&episode=s11e11