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Not really a good book for scientific minded persons

Confessions of a Fallen Angel - Ronan O'Brien

I want so much to like this book. I bought it because I heard someone else like it a lot.


I should have trusted my own judgement.


In the first 10 pages of the book, got a near death experience crap. The feeling of "all knowing" for a brief moment.


That's a delusion. I dislike making the delusion as a plot device for story. 


So this is probably not a book for me.




A bit more proper review


The story is about a guy who died and believed that he could see the future death in his dreams.


The premise is crap. And this guy is not even likable. 


The story go on and on about how his life has been affected by these dreams, and the actions he has taken to prevent death actually make things worst.


Oh crap.


So, instead of seeking professional help, he drinks. 


Why would someone  believe that he could see the future instead of knowing he has been losing his mind slowly?


The first death, he childhood best friend.


In his dream, this boy drown. But instead of learning how save someone from drowning so that he could be there to save him, he did something stupid.


Lesson learned? No. 


Stupidity continue when he finally fall in love.


And instead of being careful driving to save his love, he drive too fast and couldn't brake in time.


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


At least at this point, the writer should make the character realized that he might be at least tricked and stop believing in his bad dreams.


No. The stupidity continued.


He tried to save another life by sacrificing his own. 


He could have prevented it all by moving away from his apartment, get another job in another town.


But no. He has to be there, trying to be the hero.


Stupid. He is no hero. He sacrifice himself based on the premise that his dream is a gateway to the future. It is not. He could have lived and everything is okay. He was just too chickenshit to face the possible that things didn't turn out okay.


I have no sympathy for this character. And the story relied too heavily on that one.


Another point that make me dislike this book is the premise of afterlife. No, there is no afterlife. Even as a story plot device, I dislike using this afterlife things unless the writer makes it interesting. 


This one doesn't. 


The book sucks. Don't waste your time on this one. 





Reading progress. 


Start with 2 stars and see if it would fall even lower, or if it would manage to redeem itself. 


50 pages in.


No. No. No. No. No. Precognition? Are you freaking kidding me? Using dream precognition as a plot device is cliche, corny and stupid. Especially when the story has not built a likable strong character. 


Subtract half a star. 


Only have a few pages to go.


This book sucks. 


Really. Another prediction, and yet another internal debate if it is god's will. This plot device is so bad that I would really like to stop right there.


But then, the story take a turn from bad to worst. So instead of feeling bad for the main character who is now being beaten up and very likely to be killed, I thought of how Hannibal with deal with the wimpy asshole and done with this already.


Yes. I wouldn't mind the main character get killed in the story. An sure indicator that I dislike all of the characters in the book and think it is all rubbish.


Minus half a star, and safe this for the ending for further deduction. 


Oh crap. The ending is crap too.


Lowest star possible.