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Neurodiversity should be the thing for autistic people

Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking - Julia Bascom

As a person who kind of understood autism because it is strangely familiar in term of how the high functioning autistic person see the world, I am sick and tired of how clinical professions used to, and still see autistic persons.  


The brain is the most important organ, one we could not live without.


And with that comes neurodiversity. Autistic brains are found to be wired differently than non autistic persons. That's one of the main reason they experience the world a bit differently. 


This subject is very hard to talk about as it is a bit personal.


As a child, as far as I could remember, I was misunderstood by all the adults around me and I got punished frequently for that. Why couldn't I act "normal" as in "like all the other kids". 


Only as an adult that I finally understood that it is not stubbornness, or rebellious that make me "not acting like other kids". I am just not able to even comprehend them and it was very hard to imitate something that you are not familiar or understood.


Consider myself lucky that I'm able to cope with living in a society that many human interactions is incomprehensible but not important.


That's how I would explain it. I don't get the jokes because there are a layer of hidden meanings that stay hidden.


The advocacy should be from within the community. There are a lot of high functioning autistic people who are more than willing to talk to people if you can get close and familiar enough to them. It take times.


I like the article and of course I'm curious about the book from the autistic advocacy organization.


Nothing about us without us. http://autisticadvocacy.org/