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The overly Islamic religious tone spoiled the book

My name is Red - Orhan Pamuk

I should have googled this book before buying.


Yes, it is literature.


It is the kind of literature that killed off the main character in the first few pages of the book.


The rest of the book is the people the dead person knew and kind of explain why he was killed. 


That's the plot.



If you are in the mindset that Islam is just a harmless religion and this people think this way because they are taught from birth to be religious, you might like this one.


As for me, I considered religion disgusting in general, and Islam is exceptionally disgusting. Reading this book mention that shit god allah is like reading book that have all the characters eating stinky shit and liking it.


Yes. Kind of sickening.


Don't know I could read this while on the train and not give the "smelling fart" face, I would put it in the bathroom. At least the look fit when I read this one. 


The teenage daughter who was married off in her teen, now married with two children and the husband is missing.


I don't think this writer knew women at all. The girl talked like a stupid idiot. The woman character is worst than a cardboard figure. She said she was not now over her prime year now that she is twenty four. Not like when she was sixteen.


Give me a freaking break.

How sick is this? Girl should not think of marriage when she was a teenager, and should not used her sex to get out of her marriage when she was twenty four.


Her way out, is the have sex with the younger brother of her husband, so that he could fall in love with her and released her marriage to her husband who is missing.


How sick is that?


From this book, you wouldn't think women have brains have brains.




And I'm on on page 55. 


Did not finished. 


My strong dislike for anything religious has put me off this book.  


This is a Nobel prize winning author, it is just not for me.