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Christian wrote and published a children book on How a child could be tortured in hell

Many Christians are sick-fuck. And here is another one. 


A Christian writer Matthew McMahon wrote a book on how a child could be tortured in hell if they don't ask that sick-fuck-Jesus to save him.




How sick is that? 


But that go through not only the writer mind, but the mind of his agent, his editor, and the publisher. 


So many Christians share this concept of torturing children and in their sick-fuck minds it is okay.


The problem is, where are the "not so bad Christians" when this is happening? No protest? No boycott? Don't care if one of their own have this kind of sick-fuck mind?


A bit of background. 


"A new Christian book for children, The Cage: A Young Children’s Guide to the Biblical Teaching on Hell, by C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D., was published this month by Puritan Publications of Tennessee" 


I would like to see the reaction from self-proclaiming Christians who claimed they are not sick-fuck protest against this one.


I'm all for freedom of press. But not sick-fuck book aimed at harming children. Children are off limit because they couldn't tell that fiction from reality yet. 


This is how those sick-fuck Christians description of this book.


"In this tastefully illustrated work that is completely in rhyme, the Bible’s teaching about hell is outlined in a very easy to understand manner. It is aimed at children 5 to 9 years old, but can certainly be read by any age. It concerns a young boy who we find is trapped in a cage called “Big Sin” and can’t escape on his own. The cage is suspended by a chain that is rusting and could break at any moment. What will our young friend do? What is he thinking about as he stands there locked away? He sees others in cages as well, some who don’t escape, and some who jump to safety as their prisons doors are opened by a mysterious key. Will our young friend get out? How will he escape THE CAGE?"