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A thriller set in London where two soldiers are up against terrorists and bureaucrats

Hunter Killer: Danny Black Thriller 2 by Chris Ryan (26-Mar-2015) Paperback - Chris Ryan

This is my first Chris Ryan book.


Don't know why I waited for so long to start reading. I like the Strike Back series and kind of know where Chris Ryan is coming from. 


First 100 pages. Not much action yet. Still setting up the scene. 


The best bit is the first prologue, with the terrorist attack in London. And first few chapters are setting up what to do with this attack. The terrorists had used a person with Down Syndrome in their plot. 


As usual, this is a continuous review. 


Start with a 4 stars and see how it goes. 


Half way through the book.


Danny and Spud had done a good job in eliminating some terrorist scumbags, who used persons of Down Syndrome for their terrorist attacks.


Because they done such a good job, they are now order to carry out a mission that need a whole regiment. Seriously? Why put two good men in a suicide mission? It is a bloody book and it would afford to have a team.


Even special force don't do solo. 


I hope the book would give a better excuse than have someone higher wanted to screw them over.