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Damned is a satire about the liberal left

Damned - Chuck Palahniuk

Or at least that is how I interpreted it.


There is no scary part in this book. Considering that it is situated in hell, that's surprising.


I read Doom first and like it.


So when I got this, I kind of know how Madison came to hell.

And that's her version of the journey. Being in hell and finally made friends that she wasn't able to in life.


And we came to know how she died.


The character centered way of telling this story is fine, as long as you accepted that this is her version of the story and didn't have much interesting details on how the system of hell works. 


As I'm almost to the end of the book, I knew how she died, and now she is probably on her way to find Satan, and try to figure a way out of this situation like any 13 year old.


Madison has liberal left parents who don't give a lot of parental guidance beside giving her Xanax and condoms. That's the satire part. So what if the conservative Christians are right and now Madison is in their Christian version of hell.


The fact is, the modern Christian version of hell comes from recent literature of Dante. The much early literature the christian bible didn't really have a hell as such. Hell is only a place for people to go when they didn't reach haven. It is not really a punishment but an exclusion. 


I like it. Start with 4 and a half stars.