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A Danny Black story

Masters of War - Chris Ryan

After reading "Hunter Killer", it is nice to go back and read this one and know where Danny Black developed into this no nonsense tough guy.


As it is a story, the character could walk along the morally grey area without real consequence more than a bit of dislike. 


The fact is, real world is a lot messier than fiction. So, story about solider being ordered to handle the bad guys while being used by the other bad guys on their own side (side means country or allies) is kind of interesting. 


And we don't read these stories for their political view anyway. We read these stories for their actions just like we are hook on action movies. 


And this feel like one of them.


20% in and Danny is being order to insert into Syria. Today is the 5th anniversary of the Syrian conflict. So this has added meaning. (15 March 2016) 


Starts with a 4 stars after reading 40 pages, as the action has just begun. 


The wrong mission is screwed and David is still guarding the Spook that is not that helpful. 


In the last 20 pages and he needed to get out of there alive with one spook and two women.


Really good reading. Fast pace and plot driven. The women characters are a bit flat with stereotypical of female irrationality.