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Daredevil season 2 review : Not so good

Daredevil season 2.jpg


Released on 18 March 2016 on Netflix is the season 2 of Daredevil. 


The action scene is still very good. 


The story kind of suck.


When a series depends so much on one character, this character needs to be likable, and Matt is not likable in this series.


He was selfish and stubborn and unwilling to be responsible at time, or walking with a chip on his shoulder.


On the plus side, he is still the only main character with disability. That's part is good.


It has a feel of sleazy cheesy B movie at time. The new girlfriend should be a priority over the ex. But not for Matt. And the overly religious Catholic element is sickening. Why would Daredevil not go after child raping Catholic priests if he feel so strongly about the his faith? The blind faith mean he is still fucked in the head by religion and not so good as a character.


And the cheesy master and ninja. Give me a break.



The only good part of the story is the Punisher. But then Punisher does not make that much sense either.


Overall. 2.5 stars. Skipping this is okay.