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The final showdown between Percy and Luke

The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan

The story is still a bit formulated, as the underdog fought their survival.                     


So Percy takes on risk and try to get a fighting chance. 


The story progress with the not fighting with the full team as the in-fighting continued as if they are still teenagers. As the adults are tricked away to fight another great god/monster Typhoon, the real battle is now fall on the shoulders on inexperience teens. 


The inconsistency on the details bothered me a little. Percy supposed to have healing power with water. So when Annabelle got injured, why not just heal her with that? 


Anyway, the whole book feels like a teen movie on Disney channel. So the characters seems really smart and mature when it comes to fighting battle, and act like preteen idiots when it comes to romance. 


Come on. Percy is supposed to be almost 16 now. In real life, he would have at least taste beer, and have sexual experience already. So why make him blush over a kiss? He should have act much like he is new at this, but watched enough porn to know what to do. 


Anyway, still a nice enough story so far. 


4 stars.