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Harry Bosch going over a cold case

Lost Light - Michael Connelly

The Harry Bosch story continued after he retired from the police force.


What to like about the story?

The way the story is told, you know as much as the Bosch know, and get bits and pieces of information as the story developed. 


One third through the story and it is like watching an episode of Bosch.


Enjoyable. But not much has happened yet. Bosch hasn't even got his weapon out yet.


A four stars book so far. 


Oh my gosh. The writer is good. It is much more plot driven than I expected. 

Bosch do not even use force, or gun that often. Not that he wouldn't shoot to save his own life or other, but the skill he has is to plan, and to chase after logical possibility.


So he was been mistreated by the FBI and able to use this to get what he wanted for the case. 


I'm almost done with the book and it raised to a five stars. 


Well done Mr. Connelly.