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Catholic priests participation on genocide

Chaplains of the Militia: The Tangled Story of the Catholic Church During Rwanda's Genocide - Chris McGreal, Sean Runnette, Audible Studios

Today UN has a memorial on genocide in Rwanda.




I could understand hate. But hate enough to rape and kill is a whole different level that I don't understand at all.


What going through the mind of the Catholic priests who gave list of names to be murdered is another puzzle to me.


I do not trust any Catholic priests, bishops or nuns, for there are too many child rapists and friends of child rapists in the Catholic church. But I wouldn't think of them as someone who could commit genocide, but I was wrong. Catholic priests and nuns have enough religious delusion in them to do all sort of shitty things that normal people would not even  think of. That's the power of religious faith. 


It make me question humanity when I read about genocide. Neighbors killing neighbors and husbands killing wives.


Don't let the past be forgotten, or we would not see the warning sign for the next one.