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Bosch getting back to work on cold cases

The Closers (Harry Bosch, #11) - Michael Connelly

Bosch finally get back to the station and working with his old partner.


Only 51 pages in and like it already.


Bosch said he walked funny after he left this job. Is it because of his shoes that he is off his balance?




It is because he is so used to wearing his gun that he feels lopsided when he wasn't carrying one. 


Now who do I have in mind when I picture Harry Bosch? 





Starts with a 4 stars and see how it goes from there. 


OK. 170 pages in.


Bosch is following a case. The fun thing is that he get the clue and we follow the clue with him.


The really good thing is, Bosch made mistakes and recognize he is not fully on the game. That's normal. And that make the character more real and endearing. 




The story take a turn and get another turn. No spoiler but it is pretty good twist. 


5 stars. Good for a rainy day read.