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Harry Bosch chasing after the murder of a foreign journalist

The Black Box - Michael Connelly By Michael Connelly - The Black Box (A Harry Bosch Novel) (10/27/12) - Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch working on a case. 


This case is 21 year old.




And there is new development because the same gun that is used to kill over the year. Not many. And they could be all be linked. 



(show spoiler)


A young foreign journalist was killed during the 1992 LA riot. The resource was stretch so thin that there was no time for Bosch to work on the case and find the killer.


He got a second chance after 21 years.


The pace is good with him working alone most of the time. As I skipped over the last few books, (I tried to hunt them down but they are sold out) I got to know that he got a new partner, and now living with his teenage daughter.



I like that as I don't want this fictional character to be so alone. 


At work, he also being disliked by his new boss. 


Nothing new.


Great train ride read. Starts with a 4 stars. 


Bloody hell. How could this book make me stay up all night reading? Why Bosh got into danger? 

This is good read. But warning. Don't read the last 100 pages late at night. It might make you want to stay up.