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Bosch working with a new partner

The Burning Room (A Harry Bosch Novel) - Michael Connelly

Bosch is on his last year and is working on a case that the victim just died after 10 years.


The autopsy found the bullet that lead to a break in the case. 


And that's just the start of it.


The new partner is not really that forward with sharing information. She is secretly working on another cold case. 


The discovery is the good bits of the story for a Michael Connelly story. 


Like it so far. 


I like the way Bosch see things. Like he has to know he might find something new, see something different from the two previous detectives worked on the case. 


He have to. Or else, what's the point? 

Started with a 4 stars. 


The twist in the end is a strange but effective plot device. A mistake. A honest mistake. Instead of making the lead characters with god-like power of perception that give them at least 2 steps ahead, the writer made them made mistake to layout the ending. 


Good job. Really good job.


Additional half stars added. Good read.