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A real emotional piece that should have come with warning label: "Don't read this in the train"

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay

I knew of this book but don't know how powerful this is.


It is about a boy dealing with his mom's cancer. 


He also got nightmare that a monster visit him every night.


The good thing is, he is more like me. Kids that played with video games are more likely to chase after monsters and kill them instead of being afraid of them. At least that the case for me. Nightmare could easy turn into a virtual reality games if you find that it does not make sense to run away from monsters. 


Anyway. One hundred of so pages in, and I almost cry in the train.


This is an upsetting book. The writer did something good, instead of telling you that the boy is sad, the writer show you. 


That's very powerful stuff. 


Not finished it yet, but unless the writer did something really awful. This book feels like another 5 stars one. 


This book should comes with another warning, don't read the ending in the bus.


Unless the boy didn't convince you his pain, it is hard to hold back tears for the ending.


The book is filled with imagery of the angst and pain of grief. Something that is within being shown in stories and in dreams. 


The boy knows the ending. You know the ending. But this did not diminished the power of the story being told. 


A solid 5 stars.