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A serial killer in hiding and the witness disappeared

Stay Close - Harlan Coben

At least this is what I thought when persons who disappeared started to show up, and have two sadists torturing people just to find these formerly disappeared persons. 


A mystery sort of book without the investigator to navigate and lead you through the plot. So even with 30% in, things are happening and still we don't know what. We kind of suspect that something bad had happened, but by who and why is still hidden.


Not bad for a mystery novel. 


The development progress in a moderate speed. It is like a old murder mystery when there is no car chase, gun and the only violence done is by psychopaths. 


Not exactly what I'm looking for, but it is not bad. 


200 + pages in and I want to know what going on. Not likely to read more from this writer as there isn't enough action or character building to attract me. 




The plot twist is there and it is pretty good story.


There is something lacking in this book.


Where is the focus? 


The character Megan is not likable enough for someone to care. 


If it is concentrate on solving murders, then there isn't enough detecting. 


If this is about love, which I don't think it is. Still going to be a housewife is the best a woman could look for? Please no. 


The overall story also lack excitement. The only exciting part the story provide is a psychopath pair. But this pair lack background and sound almost like "toy/action figure".


This got a 4 stars because the ending seems okay. 


Not my favorite. Kind of forgettable.