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A man named Rant got killed and this is what people say about him

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk

The concept is kind of interesting. 

Rant has more friends after death than he ever had when he was alive. 


That's so true. People pretend to know persons after they died. Yet they never even remember to call or make any kind of contact with such persons when they were alive.


The rant is a bit of strange and gross at time. Just starting the book and I want to know what's the point of knowing this person through the eyes of others.


And maybe that's the point. 


The story take a sharp turn to the weird and go straight to bizarre. 


Reading this one is like walking through a halloween house of terror and the designer of this place is try to shock you with strange things, not all together unpleasant, but it is not pleasant either.


If you don't like this kind of leading you down the dark allay kind of story and expect a smooth unfolding of the story would have asked "what's the point" by now.


Don't know. Don't care. I'm in for the ride. 


And this book is kind of a ride. 


The ride got stranger when Rant left his parents house.


Party crashing is a thing in the book.


The later part of the book get a Wayward Pines turn. 


Weird. If you like it, it is a four stars. If you don't like strange story, you shouldn't have picked this up in the first place.


It is that kind of of a book.