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Going into new stories

The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey - Chris Colfer

In the last book, the twins are in trouble.


Now it is Conner's turn to save the day.


Conner is a story writers, so he think the best course of action is to find allies in his own stories.


That's departed the story from the classic fairy-tales to new stories.


The clever part of this, is the story is handwritten. So, spelling mistakes are unintended additions to the story. That's add a bit of unpredictability to the story. 



The story progress like a games. The twins are going to go through the stories to collect allies.


There are some good and funny parts. And there is a focus. Yet, it is more or less not progressing of the overall story. How the twins are going to deal with their uncle.


The good part of this is the story did bring some character development, at least some "self-reflection" moments. 

The not so good part is that there isn't enough tension. It felt flat that edging over to boring if is read by more mature kids. 


Still a 4 stars unless something really good or really bad happen to change that score. 


The book progress quite nicely, with some silliness. Half stars added for the silliness.


So, 4 and a half stars.