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Leo continue his life as a better man

The Secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith

The story continued on where Child 44 left off. Leo has a family now and is working on murder cases as the head of an investigation unit.


Leo is still struggling as a new man. The story continue to see how other people see him, as one cannot really tell he has changed on the inside.


I like the way that the story didn't skip over the fact that the girls' parents were killed when Leo was investigating them. The older girl held him responsible and hated him as part of her remembrance for her parents. 


There are a lot of action in this one. Leo is just trying to live as a new man. But there are more force at play here. The secret speech is no longer a secret. Now the speech itself is a view as a challenge to the authority because it has a officer admitting that they tortured people for political reason. 


I thought free speech would bring change. It does, but it depends a lot of how willing the people in power willingness to give up this power. That is the country I'm living in now. Those in power fear of losing it so much that they torture people and stop people from speaking by enforced disappearance. 


People didn't learn from history would only repeat the same mistake. As it is in real life, the mind is not free if the person didn't read or allow themselves to think outside of the state preferred line. 


A good story. 


A 4.5 stars story with only pages to go.