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This is the longer version of the book

Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein

The story is about a person who was the descendant of two persons from Earth that lost their way in Mars. 


Now he was adopted his way and is a cultural Martian. The twist is, this cultural Martian only have knowledge regarding Mars. He has values and understand of a Martian. So the power to be locked him away and see him as a threat to power. He was a bit to passive to be of any real harm to anyone. 


Water brothers. 


A new form of bonding and friendship that is created to indicate how he would relate to another human.


Half way through the book and it is great. 



So.... Here comes the not so nice part of the story.

<Spoiler alert> 


First major thing is the understand of rape.

Then is the Martian staying away from having sexual relation with man.


I don't mind the sex part, but if only all genders could enjoy the same among of freedom.


The Martian Mike is a bit too dominating. I thought he is supposed to be patient and emotionally remote. 

(show spoiler)


Not finished yet. Hope it gets better.