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A detective story about triad and Chinatown with Bosch

Nine Dragons - Michael Connelly

Yet the writer get wrong regarding the information.


Hong Kong people speak Cantonese, not Mandarin. Although they do speak it, they didn't really want to. 


Hong Kong people write in traditional Chinese. So the tattoo should be in traditional Chinese and not simplified deformed form of Chinese. 


That's just the first 70 pages. 


With that said, the story is okay if I could get past the fault. 


I read and write in Chinese. And speak the dialect. That's how I know. I also know Chinatown. If it comes to triads, they would be speaking in Cantonese. 


Even Firefly gets it right. 


A simple google search would do the trick. Most people who do speak the language also recognise basic words in Chinese. 


Never-mind. Get back to the story.


Start with 3.5 stars.  

Things improved a lot after the plot putting Bosch into a "seeing red" desperate mode. 


Should have deducted for its accuracy if it is not for the fact that it helps me see how much information I would take for the other books that use exotic location as part of the plot device.


A fast good read.


Add one more star.