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Is hate speech that "advocating killing" free speech?

The Kill List - Frederick Forsyth

An Islamist clergy spreading hate and inspiring people to kill Americans are now being hunted down.


This person is a threat. But how to draw the balance between supporting free speech and stopping the killings? 


Interesting things happening.... when spy working with spy to track down this one person that inspired 11 kills so far.


Half way through the book and it is still puzzling why this person hate so much. 


Iraq in Fragments - James Longley 


A document available online. The hate speech is common place as people who see only their own tribe would not consider life as equal. That religion reason, however barbaric is enough to justify rape, torture and killing. 


So far, a 3 stars book. Not that it is no good. But there seems to be a lack of tension or character building. That is it hard for me to picture someone like Tracker, the spy, not being self reflective.


Or maybe that comes later. When the dusk is settle.