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Odd Thomas run into a mystery

Odd Apocalypse (Odd Thomas 5) - Dean Koontz

This time... Odd Thomas met a mystery.


It is not ghosts. Odd knows about ghosts.


The more horrifying thing is that it is not ghosts but humans who were cruel and terrifying violent. 


Odd gave help to a pregnant woman, who is very persuasive and talks in riddle. 


Now Odd did what he did by wondering around the compound. 


So... what's going on? 


What are those creepy things? 


Now did he get out?


The less scary part is the woman on horse, the ghost that makes sense to Odd. 



The book is not scary or creepy. Odd has a next door neighbour boy who had suffered a loss of true love.


That make things less scary because he had already gone through the worst day of his life. 


Very enjoyable read. Although there weren't many dialogue.