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Disappointing as it did not read like a Terry Pratchett book

The Long Mars - Terry Pratchett;Stephen Baxter

Sad but true.


I so want to like this one.


And I didn't.


More than 200 pages in, and nothing much happen at all. The characters are bland and boring. 


I don't care much if some accident happened to them in the Gap and they all disappeared into the Gap.

That's how much I don't care about them.


As for the build up, there is no tension whatsoever to push the story alone. There is some unknown reason that there is tension between the boring daughter and even more boring father. Who care?


If this continue, this would be the first and hopefully last book I read with Terry's name on it that I don't like. 


The "Stepping" part of the story is interesting, but the lack of character developments, and plots make it boring.


The world is so uncaring. The father didn't give a damn about his daughter beyond her ability to work for him. The old humans fear of the new humans in such an extreme that is beyond reason. Imprisoning them because they are smarter? Seriously, we always have genius in society. No one said such genius could not be as selfish as they wanted to be. Who make the rule that all talent have to serve the society they are in? 


I finished it. Very disappointed.