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The setup take too long and not enough tension

Fortress  - Andy McNab

The story follows Tom and most of the time, he just kind of going round finding something about this organisation that tried to recruit him.


Problem with this novel is that there isn't much tension. I almost finished the book and kind of guessed that the rich guys is trying to make money out of home grown terrorist attacks. 


This would make an okay short story but dreading and stretching it to make a novel make it boring.


Yes. It is boring.

The few actions, with Tom just go and shot the bad guys who were acquaintances without some internal emotional struggle makes it a bit odd. There isn't much internal dialogue for Tom to allow the reader knows whats going on. That make me care very little on what's going to happen to Tom or his target.


Oh well.


3 stars for now. Depends if the ending make any sense.