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A deadly manuscript

The Accident - Chris Pavone

A fast moving book with a lot of seemingly mundane subplots. It goes well together and it is hard to put down once you started the book.


There isn't much likeable character. This is certainly an adult book with no clear caricature of good persons or villains. The rules was set long ago and it is up to the characters on how they will deal with what's coming.


The coming of danger is more like a day in the office, nothing surprise, some comes with warning, some don't. And it is very clever. 


This is surprising fast read. The only objection is that I didn't care for any of the characters at all. But then, it is not that type of books. 


Who know publishing industry is so cut-throat. 


Go read. It is good. 


The story get really good at the end. Much more realistic than a plan shootout. It raised from enjoyable to very enjoyable.