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Wine & Dine magazine writer being blackmail in joining the CIA

The Travelers: A Novel - Chris Pavone

The premise does not make sense.


I enjoyed the Accident and hope this would be a nice one. 


The premise is a bit off. And the story take too long to setup with the chapters jumping around a lot in different locations.


Even CIA operative have standard. So why set a honey trap for a good guy so that he would become an asset to the CIA?

That really make no sense at all.


Already dislike the premise at 10 chapters in. 


Hope the situation would improve by either making the situation urgent and CIA desperate, somehow give the main characters more incentive to be more cooperative, or drop the premise and give it a  better back story.


Will continue to be a spy in training with real mission. He kind of like the extra cash. It is like a secret part-time job with gadgets and secrets. 


The persons involved supposed to be a journalist, A  wine and dine food  travel journalist writing about hotel, food and stuff, but with proper journalist training. He should have known something is wrong.


Anyway, a bit too much for a 400 plus pages book. Not enough interaction between Will and Chole to make it work. But not as bad as I first thought it would be.


So a four stars.