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Jason Bourne with self awareness instead of amnesia

Orphan X: A Novel (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz

Interesting story teller from the perspective of government trained child solider turn loose because he has questioned order and want to quit the killing job.


The story is good. From the need to be alone yet need mission to stay focus.


Main focus of the story is how a survivor of child abuse be allowed to learn to trust again. That's go through with a lot of running and quite a lot of bullets.


The only part I might not like so much is the description of fighting style. It is a bit much, a little bit over the top that make it cheesy. 


The rest is okay. 


Oh... and the lack of description in the sex scene. In one paragraph they are taking off their clothes. The next paragraph is the morning after already. Nothing much in between.


At least the part of sex would show how trust is built or the lie is being reveal, or something.


The really good bit is about the building of relationship between this loner and a boy. That's kind of sweet, without being cheesy.



Overall, a good read. Nice character building. Looking forward to a next one.