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School for mutants in a time loop

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

The story is not great, but entertaining enough.


When I read this, it keep reminding me of the struggle point of view with Professor X and Magneto.


This school is run by a mutant who could transform herself into a bird.

The rest of mutant children have different powers. 


The storytelling is okay, not great, but okay. 


They trapped themselves in a time loop to save themselves from harm.


Problem with this story is that within a time loop, the time still moving forward, as in you could not move if time does not move forward. So for personal time, it is still moving and these children should become old persons instead of children.


The story made them stop growing up. Which is a sad thing in itself. Even more troubling is that they act like children too. Even if their physical forms stop ageing, their minds should mature over time. The really big problem is that they didn't mature in their minds. 


Oh crap. 


So, with the not so good writing, and the mistakes of understanding time, and old people acting like teenagers. I don't really like it so much.


The only child in the book is the main character who could get into the time loop to meet these mutants. 


So why do Jake act like the most thoughtful person in the story? It just don't make sense. 


Getting back to the struggle. 


It is the struggle of should mutants stay hidden from the rest of the world, or should mutants expose themselves and conquer the world. 


Should one stay hidden and be frightened of other humans, or should one use force to conquer over those who fear them?


That's the X-men story. This is no X-men story, as it is not as good. But still, it is nice to have this explore some more. 


So 3 and a half stars. It could be worst.