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Jack Reacher chasing after bad guy in 1996

Night School - Lee Child

Jack got an uneasy assignment and he did well only to be sent to school.


But the school is not really a school but a secret cross departmental assignment.


This brought Reacher into Germany to try to find a guy who is only given a code name the American.


Good old Reacher doing detective work. 


Part of good storytelling is that some plots are there, just hidden beneath the surface and spelled out. Yet it is smart or show build complexity into the characters. 


When Reacher seeks the help of the local German police, in exchanging for running print for a person implicated for a murder. There is much more going on.


This is not the standard action movie type of story. There is only a small fight scene and one sex scene so far, for filling in the quota as a Jack Reacher story. Most of the book is about detective work, a nameless villain that Reacher is chasing.


A good story overall.  


The last 40 pages are the best. It is good that he got a dilemma and he act according to what he think is right. But it is still wrong when it is right.


Good way to end a story.