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Wolverine: Old Man Logan - Steve McNiven, Mark Millar Old Man Logan (2015) #1 - Andrea Sorrentino, Brian Michael Bendis Old Man Logan (2015) #2 - Andrea Sorrentino, Brian Michael Bendis X-23: Innocence Lost - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Billy Tan X-23, Vol. 1: The Killing Dream - Marjorie M. Liu, Alina Urusov X-23: Target X - Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Michael Choi, Mike Choi

Watched the movie "Logan" today. It was a great movie. Load of actions. It is really awesome. 


And it is also very very sad.


So, I go back and read all the comics regarding old man Logan and X-23 I could get my hands on. 


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Start reading.