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How a young selfish bitch gets through life

Purity: A Novel - Jonathan Franzen

Oh crap. I dislike Purity and I just past the 50 pages mark

What a twat? 


Purity or Pip is a bitch. A young selfish stupid bitch. 


I bought this book to get out of the genre. This is as close to literature and I dislike the main character, a lot. 


Let see what she did in the first 50 pages.


Whined about her mother for being unworldly. So fucking what? Pip could do a lot of things herself by just googling it. Don't put the blame on the woman who fed her and helped her to survive all by herself. Give her some credit as her not being abusive or alcoholic or something. 


Then she pushed herself to her room-mate as he told her his wife cheated on him and left a few hours ago. She told him how she felt about him and he told her that because he was the older man, he thought of himself as a father-figure. It makes sense. And her reaction is to take off all her clothes and push herself to him. What a sociopath? This guy is suffering from being dumped by his wife, and her reaction is to get something from him. 


I don't think I could care if she run into a car accident and then got killed in the next few paragraphs. She act as the world owe her something when the matter is, she is a waste of Earth resources by being inconsiderate and selfish. 


I hope she got killed in the end. 


Someone who is into literature could try to explain to me how this kind of character is built and being tolerated in literature. What point is the writer getting at when the main character is such as unlikable person. 


100 pages in and she did just about the same thing with the coworker. They flirted, but he didn't want her. She got upset because he told her he is happily married.


Side story about Andrea, the online flirt with Purity. 


There is no plot in this story so far. There is no obvious purpose or direction. No crisis, nothing important has happened to any of the characters. 


This is boring me to tears. 


The story has diverse course into the life of Andrea. He was obsessed with masturbation and had a weird mother and disciplinary father. He turned out weird as well. He did kill someone in trying to protect the woman he like. The relationship is sudden and underdeveloped. 


I do not know why all these selfish, self-centred characters act the ways they do, as if there is no law, and there is no consequences to their action.


Story like this sucks. 


Yes. Storytelling is fine. But relation and motivation of characters is like gravity. It does not happen in the book world, for real, but the writer has the obligation to write in it so that it would make sense. 


The book does not make any sense.


250 pages in.


She is now working as an intern research assistance. The adults around her treated her as a child and said as much. 


It takes me awhile to realise that this is a book about relationships. It is the part of the characters that all act irrational that irritate me. Why adult women, self identified as feminist would be jealous of a young woman?


300 pages in.


Tom had a mistress who had a husband. Why are characters in this book so bloody selfish. 


I dislike dishonesty. And this book is full of it that it stinks. 


Persons are complex. Yes. But one could be complex and still act noble and honest. One do not need to mess up other person life and add drama to make life complex. There are dictators, there are terrorists, there are injustice in the world that make fight for what's right so complex.


These characters reflect persons who have nothing better to do than to cheat and lie and cheat and lie some more. 


What's wrong with this character? When Willow tried to be nice to her, she turned crazy and said she hate her because she is smarter, richer and better. Why hate someone who is better than oneself? I would be grateful if someone better than me wanted to be my friend. 


I really dislike this character Purity and I hope she met her end in the end. 


Finally finished it. There are a lot of things I don't like about this novel.


1. The sex scene is totally unnecessary.

2. Pip or Purity is a virgin is not necessary.

3. The friend of her father trying to have sex with her as a mean to get back to her father, is creepy.

4. Her father Tom is not acting like a grown man. He should have told Purity that he is her father. 

5. Purity's mother is a really a crazy woman. Why are people around her being so nice? 


Glad I finished it. There isn't much meaning for it as how the characters are created to mess up each other fictional lives.