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Harry Hole is a drunk and a great detective

The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbø, Jo Nesbø

Harry doesn't use violence. He hardly fight if he could avoid it. He has a wife and a son who were driven from him by his drinking.


And he is a good detective that connecting dots where no one else could see them.


Jo Nesbo is a good writer who wrote detective stories with villains that stayed hidden until Harry revealed them to the readers.


The information is there but it is too brief and to unimportant at the time that it is much harder to pick up clues when you don't expect them to be clue.


That's the story. It started slowly. The characters are likeable for reasons that they are not loud and demand attention. They are just there to move the story along. 


There is some real twists in the plots. Reading this one is like driving on a country road, there are a lot of turns and you could only see a bit of the road before yet another turn. 


Yet the driving is somewhat pleasant, as it kind of get your attention. And the rhythm is more like a alternative rock with the drum keeping a tempo at a moderately steady beat. 


Back to the story.


It is link to the killings of several women, and the killer left a signature, a red star shape diamond. 


And there is a handsome detective on the raise. Tom. The handsome yet arrogant asshole who is stepping on other people, especially Harry.


So Harry did all the work connecting the dots while Tom got the credit, in front of the camera.


Harry is also got fired because he didn't show up to work. 


Then the twist and turn begin once the story is setup.


I was wondering about how come there are 35% of the book left after the serial killer was named and caught.


Now I know why.


Good reading. Highly recommended it for someone who like detective story.