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Portal creator being hunted

Nos4 R2 - Joe Hill

Vic could create portal in her mind and travel through it. 


Cool trick. Only if she could believe it herself.


This is the story about a group of portal creators, among them a killer who preyed on children.


So Vic is trying to deal with her ability alone without much help from her parents. She was hunted by another portal creator who kidnapped children. 


40% done and it is quite a good story. Not great. But good. Not as creepy as I thought, but still a bit scary to know there are big bad guy out there with supernatural power. 




Once the bad guy kidnapped a child who is related Vic. Vic is on the chase. 


That moved real fast. 


I kind of like the way the chapter bleed into the next.


The thing I missed is why the bad guy is that bad. Why Christmasland is so horrible.


The second half of the book is the fight between Vic and the bad guy.


Still a pretty good read.