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Harry Hole adventure in the down under

The Bat - Don Bartlett, Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbo

Harry got off the plane and landed in Australia.


A blond Norwegian woman was killed in Australia and Harry was sent to Sydney to investigate the crime.

The local police treated Harry as person for show only. But he partner up with a Aboriginal detective.


Things go wild from there.


As it is the first novel of the series, it give a lot of background.


First, Harry was an alcoholic. He did try to stay away from the drink as a show of remorse over a car accident caused by his drunk driving.


Second, Harry seems to be able to fall in love easily. But still act completely slutty.


Being beaten up is also part of his investigation tactics. Not intentionally of course, but as a character, he is actively putting himself in that situations more often than not.


It is a fun read. As readers, we got to get to know all the key characters, with the killer among them. There is a big reveal and there is a chase.


Key ingredients in making good detective stories.