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Harry is after a sadistic serial killer Snowman

The Snowman: A Harry Hole thriller (Oslo Sequence 5) by Nesbo. Jo ( 2010 ) Paperback - Nesbo. Jo

Married women with children were found to have disappeared without a trace. No body. Nothing.


Harry found that these women were dead and someone has targeted them. 


But why?


The reason is strange. The story is getting very close to home.


The details in the story, with Harry refused to enlarge the startup team of four for investigation, to his surprise and strange betrayal by someone close to the investigation. There is so much twist in the story, yet it is seemingly possible. 


Like this a lot. 


On the love side. He split with Rakel and know they are having an affair while Rakel is dating someone else.


Why can't they just accept that they are just safer if they stay together.  


5 stars.