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Prison break of Sonny, a son of a cop

The Son - Jo Nesbo, Jo Nesbo

Sonny is in jail and being framed for another crime that he didn't commit. His role is the confessor of the prisoners and he didn't speak and would give blessing.


But then he break out of prison.


He seems to have a plan. A third way through the book and I still don't know what the plan is.


The cop is now investigating several killings. All killed by Sonny.

But why. 


Interesting story so far. Not sure where is it going. 


Reading half way through, the detective Simon become an ally because Sonny trust him enough to send him tip off for criminal activities.

Sonny is after someone who is responsible for the death of his father. 


The really fun part of this book is seeing the killing from the point of view of the killer. Sonny is not creepy at all because of good writing. He is polite and sweet. He is also not thirty and would reward criminal who tell the truth. 


That's part I like a lot. He is after justice.