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Salvation Army guy killed by professional assassin

The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo

Nice going. 


I dislike Salvation Army and one of those jerk was being offed by a pro, I like it.


Well, Harry got involved and of course, getting much closer to the killer.


There are some mishaps on the way in preventing Harry catching the killer sooner. 


A nice long book that with 40%, still not sure what's the motive. 


Another good read. 


Motive 1: Money. There are money involved. Follow the money and there is usually some motives behind people action. For this one, the one that is the real target of the killer withheld some properties from being sold because he cares about old people living there more than money. 


Motive 2: Woman. Jealousy or competing over woman is also a good motive. The killer's target was having an affair with a married woman. So the husband or family of the married woman, and the girlfriend of the target would have motive to off him.


Motive 3: Political. Salvation Army is much closer to a hate group. It is being dislike by many people, so that's also a motive. But a weak one.