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Two friends trying to find two boys who got kidnapped 10 years ago

Home - Harlan Coben

I read this for Amateur Sleuth. 


My previous post is based on my misunderstanding of what the square Terrifying woman means for other people. Fixed. Hope I got this right this time. 






It fits the bill as it is about 2 boys missing. 


The two main characters are both men. Given.  Myron and Win are best friends. 


Win's nephew was kidnapped along with his friend Patrick 10 years ago when they were both six year old. 


Now Win got tips that someone who looked like Patrick was found. By finding Patrick, he wanted to find his nephew too.


There is quite a bit of twist in the story. Once the readers are settle that Win and Myron are the good guys, the story is a fun ride. The language is trying to be hip and more like a crushed ice cocktail rather than a good pour of whiskey. 


That's a certain feel to it especially when the relationship between Myron and Win was described as bromance. 


The scary bits are linked to the discovery of how this happened.  


Another good read.