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Odd Thomas: "I see dead people."

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz


Odd Thomas can see ghost. He sometimes helped ghost to find their killers so that they could reach the next stage, whatever that is. 


This is the first book of the Odd series focusing of a nice nature young man Odd Thomas. The style is like a autobiography. It is kind of nice to see a not so scary ghost story. 


Only 20% in. But I'm in. I didn't know about this series until I watched the movie on TV. I missed Anton. 


Finished. This is a good read. A bit too much on the cult thing but one has to explain why there is danger and why Odd has to get involved. 


I like the part about Odd's parent. Very selfish and cruel, that make Odd even odder when he turned out to be kind and good. 


Enjoy reading this. I'm going to go through the series eventually. 


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