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Amber has strange parents

Demon Road - Derek Landy

And that is just the beginning of the story.


I read this for Demons square. 



From the back of the book, we knew that her parents is trying to kill her. Now see the why and how she got away. 


The story centered around a 16 yr old Amber who found out accidentally that her parents and their friends are going to eat her after she turned 16. 


The whole thing is kind of sick as 6 persons made a deal to paired up, have children juts to be used as blood sacrifice. 


The rest is like a on-the-run kind of road trip story. With one older guy Mio and another teenager Glen. There is some fighting and a lot of running. 


It turns out Amber's parents are demons. And Amber is demon by birth. It created tension and the moved the story along quite smoothly. With a lot of teenage things like going online with chat room, and just would not shut up at the right moment. A teenager pissed off demons is a good story backbone. Having the right amount of fear and tension makes the story readable. 


Highly recommended it. Don't know why this book is not more popular as I got this on sale.