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Amber, the 16 yr old girl demon is on the run

Demon Road 02. Desolation - Derek Landy

The 2nd book of the series following "Demon Road". Amber is now safe from her parents, but not from the demon that gave his parents power. 


She is on the run with her protector Milo. 


This is more blood and gory on this installment. 


Reading this for Chilling Children square. 




OK. Amber is a bit more demon-y than the last one. Also, the single romantic exchange lack the build-up that it needs.


So... it is more like a irrational teenager who is a bit off than a rational teenager character perceived by teenagers. Do adults really think of teenagers this way?


The kiss a bit too awkward.


The fights a bit too bloody for my taste. 


The mistake made, not wearing a seat belt while playing chicken with an enemy vehicle.


All mistake that really pieces of the story that is not doing much to the plot. 


Where is the plot btw?


Amber is being chase by Hell Hound who are more like mean bikers. 


Javier and other amateur demon fighters are all added to the story without really adding strength to the fight. 


So... not the highest point. But still readable. Like a girl in the lead. Like being at least somewhat LGBT friendly.


So... probably going to read the last one of the series.